Mothers tell Nigel Farage not to be ‘openly ostentatious’ when being a tit in public

Pride's Purge


Breastfeeding mothers have said that Nigel Farage should “sit in a corner” rather than openly display his b*ll*cks in an “ostentatious” way.

The women said some people feel “very uncomfortable” and “embarrassed” about seeing a political leader obviously being a tit in public.

The nursing mothers’ comments come not long after the UKIP leader was reportedly given a large napkin to cover his infantile twaddle while feeding his prejudice in an interview today.

When asked if Farage should perhaps sit in a toilet to avoid causing offence to normal people if he wants to feed his chauvinism in public places, one mum came up with another solution:

Why doesn’t he just go f*ck himself,” she said.


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