Matthew Bourne’s Lord of The Flies in Cardiff: local male dancers, and changing perceptions of dance

Matthew Bourne is an absolute hero of mine

We Are Cardiff

Ballet. It’s for girls from stuffy top ballet schools, right? Matthew Bourne’s latest production of Lord of the Flies is here to CHALLENGE ALL YOUR PRECONCEPTIONS ABOUT DANCE!


What actually happened when casting the show? Well, rather than having a full cast of dancers that toured the performance around the country, instead free workshops were held across South Wales to introduce boys aged 10 – 25 to a unique form of dance devised by Bourne to appeal specifically to males and help change their perceptions of dance.

lord of the flies 2014

After the workshops auditions were then held, and 24 boys from south Wales and surrounding areas were selected to perform in the cast of the New Adventures and Re:Bourne production of Lord of the Flies at Wales Millennium Centre, running from 22-25 Oct 2014.

Buzz put together this great little documentary following three boys taking part in the performance:

The local cast will…

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