Is There Time? Dubnobasswithmyheadman (1994), Revisited

Have just taken it for a spin (it’s not final till it’s vinyl).

Lazer Guided Melody - Tangents From Listening To Too Many Records


Records. And resonation. Because it’s never just a slab of vinyl you hold in your hands; it’s an integral part of who we are. And who we were, back when the sunlight fell in different patterns, and a fresh face always smiled back from the mirror. Below, Comrade Colin over at And Before the First Kiss runs with this theme and then some, exploring the Underworld aesthetic (vinyl repressing in the stores now, kids) now that we’re all older (and, theoretically, wiser, too). Personally, I think he’s nailed it. Thanks, CC.


It sounds like a soundtrack that’s been mixed for a particularly competent late-evening E14 stalker and rapist.”

Probably the strangest and most disturbing description of an LP I have ever heard in my puff but these were the words of the owner of a record shop I worked in many years ago. It was located on Byres…

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