TreesShe tugged at her hat then put hands in her pockets. He had stood there for ten minutes he knew because he’d checked his watch every five and smoked two king size down to the butt. He rolled another and found his light. He had listened to desolation row he found Dylan uplifting for eleven minutes now. Before him the valley stretched beyond trees and houses and cars to cars and houses and trees to mountains and valleys beyond. Above the sky and clouds expanding beyond him. He saw her coming talking to strangers and coming again a bag in her hand no shoes and no coat the path receding as she swayed towards him, past the hives with their bees and their endless complexities. A red kite hovered above. He turned to face the mountain. Wha’ you doing ya she said why ya? I knew you’d be here. They lay amongst weeds and thistles and wind-scrubbed grass. Arthritic trees, Sheela-Na-gigs. I bought you something you’ve brought me something. Have you? Where is it? I’ll show you later. Zips and buttons belts and laces and hips grinding hips lips tits power. Her legs gripped his back his toes dug into the ground her arms a butterfly circling. Reds and yellows oranges and browns fell about them her nails dug deeper. He looked and saw and touched and felt as her hands clasped his neck and he hoped that she might squeeze harder her thumbs on his jugular he kissed her neck once more. The sheep had their say but she said nothing. What’s my present? She smiled and shifted her weight sideways.


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